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The first six balls drawn are the "winning numbers" and the last two drawn are the "supplementary numbers". You win if you match the right combination of winning and supplementary numbers with your entry. Results are available online shortly after the draw has been conducted. QuickPicks are perfect if you are in a rush or playing lotto for the first time because your numbers are generated at random for you.

The Bizarre Aye-Aye Isn’t Giving Us the Finger After All

QuickPicks are available in the following sizes:. If you've got numbers that are really special to you they could mean more to you when you play Gold Lotto. To mark your numbers on a coupon, follow these simple steps:. A System Entry gives you the option to play more numbers per game for a greater chance to win.

For example, to win Division 1 in Gold Lotto, you need all six winning numbers.

Lotterywest gets under the skin

To increase your chances of winning, you could play a System 9 which means you get to choose nine numbers for that game rather than the usual six, giving you 84 equivalent games. Serious lottery companies have editors and copywriters to make sure their letters are written properly. In some cases, the fake messages are well written, but they are sent from public mail servers like gmail. Please remember that messages from a reputable company are always sent from corporate addresses. In other words, a fake lottery message will always contain some type of discrepancy. Watch out for them.

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And even if you have, it was unlikely to have been the European lottery named here. If nothing else, the request to contact a Mr. Marshall Ellis in Nigeria, who for some reason uses the public service live. All communication in such cases would be sent to and from a business address. Moreover, if the lottery is European, then why does Mr. Ellis reside in Nigeria?

Highly inquisitive users may well wonder about the euroonlinelottery. Their suspicions would be confirmed. Instead, the browser redirects to wn. There is no sign of a lottery at the site and never has been. The second message promises a lottery win from Coca Cola, but, inexplicably, is sent from a French Yahoo! The fraudsters obviously expect some recipients to suspect a scam and attempt to convince them otherwise. However, no tickets were sold but all email addresses were assigned to different ticket numbers for representation and privacy.

Unfortunately, these companies cannot do anything about random fraudsters exploiting their names for their own ends. These messages claim to come from large companies which are allegedly conducting lotteries. But why would representatives of all these companies send messages from public mail servers like Gmail or MSN? The Google Translate service has made life much easier for online fraudsters with international ambitions. If earlier their target audience was limited to their compatriots, now they can send messages to users all over the world.

We routinely receive such notifications in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Polish, Norwegian and a number of other languages, not to mention Russian. Below are examples of the joint creative efforts of the fraudsters and translating machines. The sample texts are in English, German and Spanish. Real lottery organizers would not mutilate a language like that in the above examples.

We could go on forever with examples of fake lottery win messages.

To avoid falling victim to online fraud, you need to follow some simple rules:. Incident Response report Phishing for knowledge. What are botnets downloading? I got an coca-cola award wining online lottery promotions message. But I do not deposit money for registration. I told bank officers in our near branch bank they told me this a fraud message. Then I turned website similar ads are posted, they were pointing me same as fraud messages. If a online lottery getting more money but we pay advance amount then several problems getting prizes even if true or false message arriving e-mail:.

Also I received it as a word Dec with nobody mail. The combination of games in a Combo Pack is fixed. If the combination contains a game that you do not wish to play, you may like to purchase the games separately instead. Combo Packs can be purchased any day of the week. The pack will include a ticket in every game included in the pack for the seven days from the day of purchase. As each Combo Pack contains a separate ticket for each game so you can claim your prize the day following that draw. Simply take your ticket in-store and remember to hold on to the remaining tickets in your pack until all the draws are complete.

The cost of each game is the same in the Combo Packs as they would be if you bought them separately; we've just packaged them up for your convenience. Unfortunately not but you are able to purchase a Combo Pack and choose to start any day within the next seven days of your purchase. Yes, you can register your tickets using your Lotterywest membership. To register as a Lotterywest member all you need is an email address and some documents to help us verify your identity.

This service is completely secure and helps us confirm you to be aged above 16 years and a resident in WA. Once your identity has been verified you will be sent a temporary password via email so that you can access your account and start playing. Click here to find out more and sign up today! When you register for a Lotterywest membership you can choose whether you want to receive information about jackpots, Superdraws and promotions by leaving the appropriate box ticked.

If you leave this box ticked you will occasionally receive emails from Lotterywest about these events.

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You can change this option at any time by clicking 'My account' when accessing your Lotterywest membership via the Lotterywest website. You must have a Western Australian residential address to register for the Lotterywest membership.

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PO Boxes are not accepted as a residential address. If you are temporarily located outside of Western Australia you need to check if the laws in that region allow you to purchase lottery tickets online. By law we are required to verify the identity of players registering for a Lotterywest membership. Proof of identity is required to ensure all players meet these criteria.

This is done to ensure players identities and that the age and address requirements of becoming a registered player are met. Registering and verifying your identity online is completely secure. The details you provide to us are shared with our secure Third Party Identity Verification Service Provider for the purpose of verifying your identity.

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The personal details in your account will be kept secure and used to contact you about your account if it is necessary. You will not be sent promotional emails unless you opt to receive them. Please rest assured your details will be kept confidential and secure. Once we receive your information we will update your account as soon as possible.

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You can access your Lotterywest membership online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Prize payments may be delayed during public holidays. Draws close at varying times depending on the game and the time of year. See the games section for more information. Online entries will be disabled one minute prior to draw close for each game and draw.